Create a Program

Standards of Apprenticeship

Upon speaking with an Apprenticeship Training Representative (ATR) and expressing interest in a Registered Apprenticeship program, the ATR will assist with the development of the program’s Standards of Apprenticeship which will express the layout for the entire program. The Standards must include:

Work Process Schedule

An overview of what the apprentice’s work will entail and key skills to be attained

Related Instruction Curriculum

An overview of the subjects and knowledge to be gained in the classroom environment

Affirmative Action Plan

A procedure to ensure that Equal Employment Opportunity is followed, including statistical data on current workers to establish goals and outreach activities to put forth a good faith effort to achieve these goals

Selection Procedure

A method applied to determine how applicants will be chosen for the program. It must be one of four options:

  1. Random selection from a pool of qualified candidates
  2. Selection by rank from a pool of qualified candidates
  3. Selection from within current employees
  4. Alternative Selection Method

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