Pre-apprenticeships are designed to prepare individuals for success in Registered Apprenticeship programs through industry-based training and classroom instruction. In order to be recognized as a quality pre-apprenticeship, a program must have a documented partnership with at least one Registered Apprenticeship program sponsor.

Pre-apprenticeships provide necessary prerequisite skills and knowledge through:
    • An approved training curriculum based on industry standards
    • Educational and pre-vocational services
    • Hands-on training
    • Assistance with applying to Registered Apprenticeship programs
Pre-apprenticeship training is a great way for participants to:
  • Explore career options
  • Qualify for direct interview into a Registered Apprenticeship program
  • Benefit from classroom and industry-based training
  • Ease their transition from school into the workforce
  • Improve basic literacy and math skills
  • Advance into a Registered Apprenticeship program

Pre-apprenticeships foster a sense of personal independence in pre-apprentices while they work towards a Registered Apprenticeship program.


For many high school students, youth apprenticeship programs are a viable alternative to a four-year degree. These opportunities allow students to:

  • Earn a paycheck
  • Earn college credit
  • Further their education without going into debt
  • Gain access to a long-term career pathway

Available Pre-Apprenticeships

  • CITF Pre-Apprenticeship


    • The Carpenters International Training Fund offers both an in-house pre-apprenticeship and a program based in high schools through their Career and Technical Education Partners. Both of these programs offer advanced credit and direct entry into the Carpenters Registered Apprenticeship program.

    Contact Information:

    • Program Contact: Brandi Kastner
    • Email:
    • Phone: (817) 640-8825
  • ETA Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship


    • The electrical training ALLIANCE’s pre-apprenticeship provides individuals with fundamental knowledge to help them succeed in the electrical industry. This program offers direct interview into an electrical Registered Apprenticeship program.

    Contact Information:

  • NABTU - MC3 Pre-Apprenticeship

    Multi-Craft Core Curriculum

    • North America’s Building Trades Unions’ MC3 pre-apprenticeship provides high quality, apprentice-level content to individuals interested in construction, preparing them for careers in the building trades. Upon completion, pre-apprentices will be offered a direct interview into a Registered Apprenticeship program in the building trades.

    Contact Information:

  • 1881 Institute Quality Pre-Apprenticeship Program

    1881 Institute Quality Pre-App Program_2023

    Multi-Craft Core Curriculum

    • The 1881 Institute Pre-apprenticeship is a workforce development initiative that consists of a set of interventions to meet the needs of
      out-of-school youth, vulnerable adults populations in high school, and unemployed young adults. We support the Department of Labor’s
      emphasis on registered apprenticeships and quality pre-apprenticeships as pathways to family-sustaining wages.

    Contact Information:

  • Diesel Driving Academy

    Truck Driver

    • DDA is a Pre-Apprenticeship program for Schneider Trucking’s National Registered Truck Driving Apprenticeship Program. Those completing DDA’s 4 week Pre-Apprenticeship will be granted direct interview with Schneider Trucking.  

    Contact Information:

    • Program Contact: Bruce Busada
    • Email:
    • Phone: 318-636-6300