Idaho Business for Education (IBE), sub-recipient to YARG grantee Idaho Workforce Development Council (WDC), has built valuable partnerships as it implements YARG programs in Idaho. In addition to guiding the Nez Perce Tribe (NPT) in launching Registered Apprenticeships (RAs) on its reservation in north-central Idaho, IBE has been partnering with Soda Springs School District and Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU).

Soda Springs School District
In the rural Eastern part of the state, Soda Springs School District has worked with IBC to develop programs in several career pathways.

The school district became the employer-sponsor for Soda Springs High School to create a teacher aide apprenticeship there. Eighteen Soda Springs students participated in the program in 2022, working in elementary and middle schools with laptops supplied by YARG. By the start of the 2023 school year, the district had enrolled 36 apprentices, 19 of whom have completed and 16 of whom are still participating.

IBE is also working with several area employers to establish RAs for Soda Springs High Schoolers in HVAC, auto repair, construction, and hotel and hospital careers.
The programs have a champion in Soda Springs High School principal Jess McMurray, whose goal is to place all Soda Spring students in RAs.

Idaho Central Credit Union
A partnership that is having statewide success is the one IBE created with Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) to establish a bank teller training program. The ICCU apprenticeship has enrolled 54 apprentices at four high schools across Idaho. Thirty-nine students have completed, and many continue to train at ICCU branches. ICCU recently asked IBE to help expand the program to include as many as 16 bilingual students.