Despite women’s advances in the working world, many still face barriers to employment and struggle to secure economic stability. Deterrents may include a lack of transportation, childcare, education or training, gender and/or racial bias, and perhaps a lack of confidence in their abilities. Registered Apprenticeships (RAs) and the YARG program are helping young women overcome these obstacles.

For Women’s History Month, we’d like to highlight two of our hard-working female apprentices: a single mother who saw no other route for herself besides working at a fast-food chain and a student who had a goal but no path to achieving it.

Arianna, with two young children, found help through YARG Palo Alto College to prepare for a career path in the insurance industry. The program supported her with childcare and study sessions, enabling her to complete two-course certifications. Although the position she was offered was stymied by her lack of transportation, her newly found confidence remains and will undoubtedly give her a leg up when her next opportunity arises.

Bianca, a determined high school student, hoped to become a lawyer. When she took on a paralegal apprenticeship through CareerWise at the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney in Elkhart, Indiana, she had no idea that she was becoming the first registered paralegal apprentice in the nation. Her work with high-profile professionals and the skills she acquired there contributed to her college success and led her to adopt an even loftier goal: to become a prosecuting attorney.

For the full stories of these remarkable women, visit their dedicated pages on the YARG community – Arianna and Bianca.