Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Sprint

Posted On: October 17, 2023

The Biden-Harris Investing in America Agenda, which includes the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act, is driving a resurgence in manufacturing, construction, and clean energy industries nationwide. These investments offer opportunities for all Americans, regardless of their educational background, to access high-quality training and education.

A significant component of this agenda is the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Sprint, which addresses the surging demand for workers vital in clean energy, semiconductor production, and manufacturing. This initiative strives to broaden and diversify pathways to prosperous careers in advanced manufacturing by bringing together employers, labor unions, workforce development organizations, and others to create rigorous education and training standards, transferable qualifications, and labor-management partnerships.

In line with this broader endeavor, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has introduced the Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Sprint in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Commerce and other federal agencies. This specific initiative is focused on expanding Registered Apprenticeships in advanced manufacturing, spanning clean energy, semiconductor, supply chain, aerospace, automotive, and biotechnology sectors. As part of this Sprint, Advanced Manufacturing-related intermediaries under the DOL will organize Apprenticeship Accelerators, which are gatherings for industry stakeholders to explore the creation of new Registered Apprenticeship programs or rapid participation in existing ones.

To learn more about how you can engage with the Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Sprint, such as setting up, joining, or expanding a Registered Apprenticeship program or committing to program development, express your interest here.