Registered Apprenticeship Expo 2023

The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, with the participation of the Registered Apprenticeship division, is glad to invite you to our Registered Apprenticeship Expo in celebration of the National Apprenticeship National Week from November 13 to 17. During our expo, Dr. Sujuan Boutte and Secretary Robert Wooley will introduce our sponsors to speak about the program’s benefits and their occupations.

The Expo will offer students an understanding of the companies’ apprenticeship opportunities.
Have the students/or participants understand the work of different apprenticeship crafts.
Students/Participants have an opportunity to ask questions
Employers will share information on how to apply for current and available apprenticeship positions at the business.

The Expo will occur via Zoom on November 8 from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. Registration is required.